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Hana, 17, from Texas. I love musical theatre, especially Side Show, Lippa's The Wild Party, Les Mis, Parade, Big River, Sondheim shows, among many more. I also like Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, acting, singing, dancing, and horseback riding.
The Trojan Players of Fort Worth, TX present “next to normal” April 24-27

The Trojan Players of Fort Worth, TX present “next to normal” April 24-27

Aaron’s directions were like “hump this, twirl on that”

Adam Chanler-Berat on Aaron Tveit playing Gabe in Next to Normal. (via warredwithyourself)



day 12 - from the musical you could listen to all day

The Miller’s Son from A Little Night Music

did i mention leigh ann larkin is ridiculously underrated

Watching this from the front row was quite an experience


My favorite bits from musicals~ 9/500



The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Anna Louizos.

This beautifulness


-12 cast members down, including two Matilda’s.
-Clay Thomson had to play five roles in the same scene.
-Heather Tepe learning new parts during the intermission.
-Celia Mei Rubin had three minutes to get ready.
-Each cast member has probably run a mile by now just dashing between quick change room, dressing rooms and stage.
-Betsy Struxness ended up going on as Mrs W halfway through act one.
-They literally ran out of swings in yesterday’s show.

Kit Harington in Esquire UK (February 2014) [x]

mine is just a slower suicide 
mine is just a slower suicide 


Matt Smith as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.

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