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Hana, 17, from Texas. I love musical theatre, especially Side Show, Lippa's The Wild Party, Les Mis, Parade, Big River, Sondheim shows, among many more. I also like Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, acting, singing, dancing, and horseback riding.


My favorite bits from musicals~ 9/500



The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Anna Louizos.

This beautifulness


-12 cast members down, including two Matilda’s.
-Clay Thomson had to play five roles in the same scene.
-Heather Tepe learning new parts during the intermission.
-Celia Mei Rubin had three minutes to get ready.
-Each cast member has probably run a mile by now just dashing between quick change room, dressing rooms and stage.
-Betsy Struxness ended up going on as Mrs W halfway through act one.
-They literally ran out of swings in yesterday’s show.

Kit Harington in Esquire UK (February 2014) [x]

mine is just a slower suicide 
mine is just a slower suicide 


Matt Smith as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho.


We’ve got rosy red days ahead
Under dreamy blue cloudless sky
As the old year wanes
Love will lead the way
Here’s to a new love
May it be true love
One-made-from-two love
For New Year’s Day
For New Year’s Day
For New Year’s Day

Game of Thrones Meme One King or Queen: Sansa Stark

"It’s just another day”

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